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Kyoshi Master Nelson Whitney

Some words from Family, Friends and Students to Master Nelson Whitney
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(Spoken at the end of Master Nelson's Wake - Sept of 2011)

You've taught me soo much over the years..
Some things I don't know if you realized that you helped me to learn.
Some of those things are: Sincerity, compassion, loyalty and unconditional love.
You also taught me how to do things for myself.. from car repair to home repairs
or landscaping/yard work.. Since I learned these things in my childhood,
I was able to help you anytime over the last 20 years or so..
because I already knew how to do these things.
I loved doing things for you and Mom because you both have done so much for me.

As one of my Martial Arts instructors,
you have guided me from the very beginning towards 'the Martial Way'
That alone has greatly sculpured my life and character. Truthfulness, benevolence,
intuitiveness and righteousness along with all the virtues of Bushido are a part of my
very being because of this guidence.

You were one of my best friends Dad.. everytime I'd do anything for you,
no matter how big or small, you'd never forget to say "Thanks Chris"
- but what made me the happiest was what followed. You would always have a sincere smile..
I loved seeing you smile because I always wanted to do what I could to make you happy.

I promised you a few days ago, that I would be "ok"
I will cry from time to time because I miss you soo much.. but I will be ok.. because I promised you..

I have all of our memories in my heart and I know you will still be guiding me intuitively and looking over me.

While I was in bed.. hours before you left this world,
I was focusing my thoughts to you and asked you to
please let me know, in some way, if you could.. that you were ok..
a way that I would have no doubt it was a sign from you.
Thank you for doing that and for being the person
that you were while you were here.

I love you Dad


a quote..
"Let us all gain happiness by expelling grief, sorrow and distress from our hearts.
Happiness is the supreme satisfaction that this life offers. Dispel dissatisfaction
and sorrow, rethink the source to find happiness."
~ Master Toshitsugu Takamatsu ~
33rd Grandmaster of Togakure ryu Ninjutsu

Above was spoken by - Christian, Master Nelson's Son